Essay II wc – 890 Dec  08, 2020 Lisa Kakaraba Tswanya  My experience as an online […]
Black is a colour It should have no meaning but this “BLACK” has defined us more […]
Equality  Telling me I’m different based on the color of my skin  The texture of my […]
The black female form  Wanting to be free The black female form Needing to find me  […]
This is an infographic that traces my online presence telling the story of my history as […]
I will be reviewing a website by my peer Milton Jang his website is The […]
Talking about analytics they are a very good tool to have at one’s disposal as they […]
This is a remix of a bottle being broken … i assumed an audio file would […]
All bottled up inside  Matters filling inside me  Abruptly I shatter  Into a million pieces  Hit […]
The review should assess theme and customizations, typography, layout, social media integration, site structure, usability, and […]
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