It’s so typical to blame us for all we’ve been through

its so easy to say yes “He scared you “

Its so easy to pull the trigger …

And claim you ain’t never mean to

You take off your gloves and the days over

Like George’s life… YES the days over

Floyd on the floor

For him all his days’ over

All the raping and pillaging .. they trying to destroy us

then they turn it on us and say … were disastrous

As the lights fade

” I cant breathe i said “

” im in pain i said ”

i huffed and i puffed until i was breadthless

but it doesn’t matter what i said

because i’m a F****** Animal you said

Its institutional you see

I know America and this world they don’t respect me

being black and woman they don’t value me

And for what ? just a color a color that i don’t see

The color that makes me … me.

a color that i don’t see



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