The power of painting –

The blog i was tasked with reviewing was Tavares-Kwok, Carissa’s the power of painting ( ) going unto this blog the first thing i notice is how inviting and colorful it is as though the blog of a true artist

The home page to the blog

Another thing that stood out to me is that her blog is very organized and full of content , looking at it one would think that it’s more than a school project, every post is accompanied by a picture and it really brings the whole blog to life, it makes the posts more captivating i’d say. Carissa’s blog is extremely developed it has all her assignments and process posts she is doing really well

pictures that she uploaded with two of her posts

She has an About section telling you what the blog is about and how her recent hobby of painting is going , she tells us she has some tips and tricks she recently picked up to share . she has a contact page as well with her instagram page tagged and a really nice picture . Seeing her blog has made me want to develop my blog more and it lit a creative spark in me and gave me some fun ideas